Some cool places on the WWW

FunDraw a free hand circle site
FunScrabble letter distributionwiki
ProgramsTeXstudio — LaTeX Editorsite
ProgramsProcessing — creative coding, artsite
ProgramsSelf-hosted bookmark managergithub
ProgramsKaban tool for Next Cloudgithub
ProgramsOpen Source community calendaring platformgithub
ProgramsDecentralized Open Source chat protocolsite
ProgramsPeer to Peer hypermedia protocolsite
ProgramsMaster Password Appsite
ProgramsOpen source, end-to-end encryption messaging, talk, and sharingsite
ProgramsFree POS softwaresite
ProgramsCompletely Free softwaresite
ProgramsHack Chat github
Raspberry PiOffline Wikipediasite
SocialHackChat Newssite
SocialOnline video sequencerhttps
SocialSocial network for asking questionshttps
SocialReddit, in codesite
StatisticsGun Violence Archivesite
VeganVegan Beer Directorysite
Web AppMidi Sequencersite
Web AppKeyboard Layout Editorhttps
Web AppReoccurent donations platformhttps
Web AppTL;DR for Terms of Servicehttps
Web AppJSFuck - Code using only 6 different characters site
Web AppMake a 2 panel comichttps
Web DevSpreadsheet to html table generatorsite
Web DevAdobe Color Wheelhttps
Web DevInteractive JavaScript diagrams in HTMLhttps