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Server Owner - creamyhorror

Server Roles - use command or ask someone with Welcome Club role to get a role

Learning Challenge (higawari) t!sar get reading
Reading Club t!sar get daily
Beginner JP Readings  
English Reading Group  
piano no mori club  
A/V club  
Please Collect my Engrish  
直すくださいを私日本語Please correct my Japanese 
N1 Study Group  
Classical Japanese  
Heritage Japanese Speaker  
Native Japanese Speaker  
Japanese Mentor  
英語メンターEnglish Mentor 
Welcome club  
Commitment crew  
Challenge/quiz admin  
Judge for daily challenge  
飯テロFood Porn 
日本語お上手ですねぇYour Japanese is good 
Fake Coder  
乙女ゲーマー (仮)  
nAいJIN bOiズ  
A winner is you 

Server Bots

BotsHelp commandHelp command text/ available commandsDocsOwner
Ciri Bot ,help channels, channel-leaderboard, clear, echo, emotes, help, leaderboard, ping, id, user, user-channels, voicekick, vc    
HawkBot <help
  • <help, <? - Shows help menu
  • <anime, <an [<anime>, <anime> --list, <anime> --<number from --list> - Looks up an anime from, you may use anime <anime>-- list to get a list of animes returned by the search. Then use anime <anime> --<number> to get that anime info to display.]
  • <avatar, <a [<mention user>]. - Gets the avatar for a user that is mentioned. If there is no mention, then it will get the avatar of the person who used the command.
  • <cat, <c, <neko, <猫. - Gets random cat pictures
  • <dog, <d, <inu, <犬. - Gets random dog pictures
  • <invite, <i. - Gets the bot's invite link
  • <isbn, <book. [<book title/ isbn>, <book title/ isbn> --list, <book title/ isbn> --<number from --list> Looks up a book from Google Books, you may use isbn <book title/ isbn> -- list to get a list of books returned by the search. Then use isbn <book title/ isbn> -- to get that book info to display.]
  • <jisho,<j. [<word/sentence>, <word/sentence> --list, <word/sentence> <number from --list>] Looks up a word from, you may use jisho <word> --list to get a list of definitions. Then use jisho <word> <number> and that will display the definition
  • <kanji, <k <kanji> ,Looks up kanji information.
  • <normies, <n. Gets a list of people without a role
  • <serverinfo, <si Gets information on the current server./li>
  • <source, <so. Gets the bot's source
  • <stats, <s Returns some bot stats
  • <suggestion, <su <suggestion> Submits a suggestion to the developer of HawkBot :)
  • <time, <t Gets the time in UTC. <time <time zone abbreviation> for a specific time zone. <time --list for a list of the time zones
  • <userinfo, <ui [<mention user>]Gets information for a user that is mentioned, or the person that used the command. If there is no mention, then it will get the avatar of the person who used the command.
  • <writingprompt, <wp (Gets random pictures)
Higawari#higawari-challengeDM to get submission instructions alex
Honyararabot h!help
  • gg!j [word] Looks up the word in Kenkyusha's New Japanese-English Dictionary 5th Edition (2003/2004) aka the Green Goddess.
  • gg!f [search string] / gg!fs [search string (case-sensitive)] Performs a full text search in Kenkyusha's two big dictionaries' examples: *New Japanese-English Dictionary 5th Edition (2003/2004) *New English-Japanese Dictionary 6th Edition (2002/2006)
Jibril .help
  • .lang term - lookup a term (a word or phrase) in English Wiktionary for a lang which is an ISO-639-1 language two letter code or a language full name (case insensitive). Examples: .ja 憂鬱, .english bliss
  • .nico term - lookup a term (a word or phrase) in ニコニコ大百科. Examples: .nico 草, .nico ワロタ
Kotoba k!help
  • k!jisho (aliases: k!j) # Search Jisho for an English or Japanese word. Example: k!j 少し
  • k!jn # The same as k!jisho, but without command buttons, in case you don't like them! Example: k!jn 少し
  • k!kanji (aliases: k!k) # Search for information about a kanji. Example: k!kanji 少
  • k!strokeorder (aliases: k!s, k!so) # Search for details about a kanji's strokes. Example: k!strokeorder 少
  • k!furigana (aliases: k!furi, k!f) # Render furigana for Japanese text. Example: k!furigana 吾輩は猫である
  • k!examples (aliases: k!ex) # Search Jisho for example sentences. Example: k!examples 少し
  • k!pronounce (aliases: k!p) # Look up information about how to pronounce a Japanese word. Example: k!pronounce 瞬間
  • k!random (aliases: k!r) # Search Jisho for a random word. You can specify a JLPT or 漢検 level if you want. Example: 'k!random N3', 'k!random 2k'
  • k!deconjugate (aliases: k!d) # Deconjugate a Japanese verb. Example: k!deconjugate 食べさせられたかった
  • k!translate (aliases: k!t) # Use Google Translate to translate text. Example: k!translate 吾輩は猫である
  • k!weblio (aliases: k!w) # Search the Weblio Japanese dictionary for a word or phrase. Example: k!weblio 少し
  • k!jukebox # I will pick a song for you (probably Touhou or Vocaloid) and post a Youtube link.
kqbot kq!help
  • kq!quiz or kq!quiz <deck> [optional max score] and kq!stop to cancel quiz
  • kq!mad/fast/quiz/mild/slow <deck> for 0/1/2/3/5 second answer windows.
  • kq!gauntlet <deck> in PM for a kanji time trial.
  • kq!scramble [easy/normal/hard/insane] for an English Word Scramble quiz.
  • kq!s
  • kq!k <kanji> - displays kanji information.
  • kq!f <word> - shows usage frequency statistics for given Japanese word.
  • kq!p <word> - shows pitch accent information for given word.
  • kq!c <X currency in Y currency> - converts between given currencies.
  • kq!time - shows current time in UTC.
  • kq!ping - measures the bot's latency to the server.
  • kq!draw <text> - creates an image with given text drawn on it.
github DG
Kyappu .g !help
  • .g !help (en) //view this message
  • .g !help jp //このメッセージを日本語で見る
  • .g !help sp //ver este mensaje en español
  • .g !help pt //ver esta mensagem em português
  • .g ... (#) //search goo jisho for "..."
  • .g - ... (#) //search for exact match (default)
  • .g > ... (#) //search for words starting with "..."
  • .g < ... (#) //search for words ending with "..."
  • .g * ... (#) //search for words containing "..."
Tatsumaki t!help
  • t!selfroles get role | remove | list Allows you to get, remove, or list serve rolls
  • t!server Shows info about the current server such as server ID, roles, members, region, etc.
  • t!rank [@user ] View yours or someone else's server rank card.
  • t!top [global | server ] [page ] Display members with the most server score or global XP.
  • t!dice [(rolls) d(sides) ] Roll a dice with 6 sides or as specified.
  • t!cookie <@user > Give someone a cookie.
  • t!vote < start | check | end > [t: < topic >] | < option 1 > | < option 2 > | [ ... ] Start a new vote, vote for an option or check a vote.
  • t!urban < Search Terms > Search and return Urban Dictionary definitions.
  • t!strawpoll < option 1 > | < option 2 > | [ ... ] Create a Strawpoll with multiple options.
  • t!wiki < Search Terms > Search and return Wikipedia articles.
  • t!weather < City/City,Code > or < ZIP/ZIP,Code> Obtains the weather using openweathermap.
Mai-bot m!help
  • m!ping - Ping
  • m!pong - Pong!
  • m!quiz-results - Quiz leaderboard - m!qr [quiz]
  • m!quiz-most-played - Quiz play info - m!mp|qmp
  • m!gauntlet-results - Gauntlet results - m!gr [quiz]
  • m!gauntlet-user-results - Check your own gauntlet results (or someone else's) - m!gu|gur [user]
  • m!migrate-quiz-results - (Owner-only) Migrate quiz stats to a new quiz name - m!mqr oldQuiz newQuiz
  • m!calc - No description
  • m!hobonichi - Hobonichi essay - m!ho|hobo [date]
  • m!hobonichi-plain - Hobonichi essay - m!hp|hop|hobop [date]